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The Flats East Bank

Block 7

Cleveland, OH | $145,000,000 | 820,000 SF

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The Flats East Mixed Use Development Project is located on the waterfront, directly in the heart of the East Bank. The addition of this multi-use building to the City of Cleveland will act as a platform for new development of restaurants, hotels, retail, sporting events, recreational activities, and nightlife. The project’s location has allowed for a merger of many forms of entertainment, and provides both an attraction for local and out-of-town guests.

This $145,000,000 project consists of 820,000 SF of mixed use space, including 3-stories of parking podium (225,000 SF), supporting a 19-story high rise office tower (450,000 SF), and 8 stories of high rise hotel (150 rooms), restaurants and fitness (120,000 SF). Three major tenants for this project include the Aloft Hotel, Ernst & Young, and Tucker Ellis.