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Parking structures are unique buildings. The structural design involves not only design of the building components, but also efficient parking layouts to maximize car count, traffic circulation, and how to cost effectively reduce the long-term effects of repeated exposure to a corrosive environment. Adequate lighting to improve security and safety is also a significant consideration.

Our projects include a variety of structural systems including post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete and precast concrete as well as hybrid systems. Our projects include free standing structures as well as garages incorporated into mixed-use projects. We also provide a customized life cycle cost analysis on each project comparing the various concrete admixtures, mix designs, coatings, and toppings available to mitigate deterioration and to assist the owner in selecting the most cost effective corrosion systems for the intended design life of the structure.

Other Parking Projects
Client Project Name Location Cost Markets
Euclid Avenue Student Parking Cleveland, OH Parking
F, G, & H Garages Westlake, OH Parking
Parking Garage Rosemont, IL Parking
Parking Structure Cincinnati, OH $45,000,000 Parking
Southwest Garage West Nyack, NY Parking
Parking Deck Huntsville, AL Parking
Redevelopment Parking Port Chester, NY Parking
Exchange Street Parking Garage Akron, OH Parking