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Keystone Local School District
Keystone Local School District

Multiple Projects

LaGrange, OH | $42,450,000 | 245,480 SF

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Keystone High School

New two-story 105,000 SF high school with a vocational component with agricultural education labs, a CAD lab, and health career education spaces. Construction budget was $13,500,000. TBA providedstructural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and civil consulting services.

Keystone Middle School

New 55,000 SF middle school achieving LEED Silver Certification. Construction budget was $10,160,000.

Keystone Elementary School

Two-story 85,480 SF elementary school constructed in a third phase and attached to the new Keystone Middle School, complying with OSFC criteria and achieving a LEED silver certification. Construction budget was $18,790,000.